The Perseid Meteor Shower is the largest meteor shower of the year, and this year it will peak on August 12th with an estimated 60 visible meteors per hour. If you plan on looking up at the night sky to catch a glimpse of  Perseid this weekend, here's the perfect shooting star soundtrack for the epic sight.

So, yes, this playlist is all about stars. Mostly because songs about meteors are pretty hard to find. And, in case you were wondering, meteor showers are pretty much same thing as shooting stars. If you need scientific proof, here is the description of a meteor shower from

Meteor showers occur when dust or particles from asteroids or comets enter Earth's atmosphere at very high speed. When they hit the atmosphere, meteors rub against air particles and create friction, heating the meteors. The heat vaporizes most meteors, creating what we call shooting stars.

Plus, let's be real, gazing at a sky full of shooting stars sounds a lot more romantic than watching a meteor shower. Date night, anyone?

  • 1

    "A Sky Full Of Stars"

  • 2

    "Shooting Star"

    Bad Company
  • 3

    "Counting Stars"

    One Republic
  • 4

    "All Of The Stars"

    Ed Sheeran
  • 5

    "Shooting Star"

    Bob Dylan
  • 6

    "Shining Star"

    Earth, Wind & Fire
  • 7

    "When The Stars Come Out"

    Chris Stapleton
  • 8

    "Catch A Falling Star"

    Perry Como
  • 10

    "When You Wish Upon A Star"

    Linda Ronstadt

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