By the time Jasper, our new puppy reaches semi-adult doghood he will have just as many hang-ups and confused ideas about life as I do. Right now Jasper is in that precarious stage where he is old enough to get into trouble and still young enough to not know exactly the trouble he is getting into.

He is in his biting and chewing stage. I think he is getting used to his teeth and we have plenty of toys for him to chew on. He prefers the shoelaces on my shoes and that isn't a good thing.

So, based on what I have been reading and watching online I gave him enough time to get involved in an activity and then I gave him a stern command to stop that activity.

Needless to say, he has figured out that loud means stop whatever you're doing and look around. Eventually, I hope that he will totally stop the shoelace chewing and I won't have to yell anymore.

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