Bathers beware, that rather pleasant looking ocean water you're about to wade into could have some dangerous and deadly secrets hidden beneath the waves. I am speaking of rip currents, sometimes referred to as undertows, they are one of the leading causes of drowning along our coastline.

In fact, several miles of Gulf Coast Beaches are now included in an advisory from the National Weather Service that warns of the dangers of these beachside currents that can drag swimmers out to sea.

The Weather Service says the risk of High Rip Currents will remain in effect for the Gulf facing beaches of Galveston Island, the Bolivar Peninsula, and the Matagorda Islands through Tuesday evening.

Officials with the Weather Service are warning beachgoers to pay attention to local warning flags and official information from lifeguards and beach patrols. They also warn that if you are allowed to go into the water to not stray too far away from shore. It is also advisable that you not swim alone. But that's common sense and should be followed at any time you choose to go into the water.

Forecasters believe the rip current danger should ease by tomorrow, still, extra caution is advised in and around the beaches listed above.


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