New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton didn't want the team's head coaching position when it became open following the 2005 season.

And who can blame him?

The organization hadn't had a lot of success, having won only one playoff game in franchise history, prior to 2005. That, plus the uncertainty of the future of the orgranization, as well as the devastation caused to the city of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina, didn't exactly make the Saints' head coaching job a prime one.

Obviously, Payton took the job, fell in love with New Orleans, and helped turn the franchise around, winning a Super Bowl in 2009; but his first choice was the Green Bay Packers, who hired former Saints offensive coordinator Mike McCarthy.

Well, it has certainly worked out for Payton and the Saints, but it's fascinating to listen to Payton talk about his hesitation about taking the job porior to the 2006 season, his recruitment by general manager Mickey Loomis, and the Saints' first home game following Katrina.

It's amazing how things work out; Payton has accumulated an overall record of 105-71 with the Saints, guided them to a Super Bowl win, and may may put himself into Hall of Fame consideration after his coaching career ends.

Payton was a guest recently on "In Depth With Graham Bensinger, where he talked about the things that led up to him becoming head coach of the Saints:


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