If you've lived in south Louisiana for any amount of time more than a hot minute, you know we have our own way of talking. And I don't just mean our accent, I'm talking about the way we butcher the modern English language.

With the popularity of Facebook groups like cajUUUn Memes and all these fantastically awesome local Cajun characters floating around, it brings back some great memories of a generation gone by.

In particular, I'm talking about Maw-Maw. The matriarch of the family who could cook a mean roux, fix your li'l bellyaches in a pinch and the woman who kept you guessing what the hell she just sent you into the room to go get.

Yeah, Maw-Maws have their own set of vocabulary that is unlike no one else's in the world. You just hoped at some point in the conversation you could piece it all together and get the gist of what she was trying to tell you. (Probably Frenglish was mixed in there too.)

That's why we've decided to put together this handy-dandy translation guide of the words your Maw-Maw couldn't pronounce right. Enjoy!


Walmart -- Walmarks
Correct -- Correck
Library -- Liberry
Tuesday -- Choosday
Buffet -- Bew-fay
Appointment -- Apperntment
Boil -- Ball
Oil -- Oral
Aluminum -- Aluminuminum
Sink -- Zink
Closet -- Clowset
Toilet -- Tarlet
Midnight -- Mitnight
St Martinville -- St Martinsville
Diet Sprite -- Diet Stripe
Commodities -- Commoloties
Shrimp -- Skrimps
Montgomery Ward -- Monkey Ward
Cadillac -- Cadderac
Butane -- Bluetane
Seafood Platter -- Seafruit Platter
Charolais -- Shirley
Gas -- Gaz
Cappucino -- Caffucino
Thunder -- Tunda
Tylenol -- Thylenol
Treadmill -- Threadmill
Festival -- Festibal
Cabinet -- Cavinet
Pepto Bismol -- Petmo Dismol
Except -- Ipseck
Tilapia -- Thulapia
Thai Food -- Thigh Food
Blood Pressure Cuff -- Blood Pressure Cup
Wash -- Warsh
Third -- Turd
Bathing Suit -- Betting Suit
Fudge -- Furdgez
Tests -- Tesses
Chalk -- Chark
Pants -- Pantses
Birthday -- Birtday
Oven -- Ervin
Epsom -- Ispom
Breakfast -- Brekwist
Ground Meat -- Grind Meat (The best of all-time!)

***I know you've got more to add to the list. Email them to me, jude@973theawg.com, and I'll add them to the list.***

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