"Win, lose, or tie—it's Who Dat 'til I die."

The Who Dat Nation are no strangers to heartbreaking losses, but last night's loss in Minnesota at the final second was one of the most crushing defeats in Saints history.

By now, you've heard every critique of that final play. From the talking heads to the armchair quarterbacks, everyone has voiced their opinion on what we should (or shouldn't) have done in those final ten seconds.

The image of Marcus Williams going low and totally whiffing the tackle on Stefon Diggs will forever be embedded in our brains, but any true Who Dat will still support their team—and that's exactly what a group of die-hard Saints fans did late last night as our boys returned home from Minnesota.

Being a true fan of your team means being a fan when the times are good and when the going gets tough. As the Saints faced one of the toughest losses in franchise history their fans were still waiting with open arms and plenty of "Who Dats" when they got home.

Until next year.

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